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1 Weather 357


"357 Seahorse Weather Report":


An animated fun new way of getting weather reports with Golden Seahorses.  Made with motorcyclist in mind and those that partake in outdoor activities such as walking, jogging, skating, biking, etc.

The Golden Seahorses are more like a weathervane that shows various types of weather patterns: Clear, Clouds, Progression of Cold to Hot, Flashfloods-High Winds, Freezing, Hail, Hot, Hurricanes, Pollen Allergy, Rain, Sleet, Snow, Storms, Sun Hot, and even “Winds” blowing left and right.


Never know, maybe win an irrevocable trust along the way.


Participating is easy:

Buy the 1 Weather 357 Seahorses and Forget About It and Surprise, your Golden Seahorse Weather Reporter might be a winner


(see: 1Weather357.com Privacy Policy for more info.



We Actively Promote Like-Minded Individuals,


this Includes Active People: Motorcyclist, Walkers,


Joggers, Sk8ters, Etc. and Entrepreneurial Businesses,


that Support and Consciously Make Efforts to Secure a


Lower Overall Carbon Footprint like “MOTORCYCLES”



Thanks for Trying the “1 Weather 357”
Seahorse Weather Reporter,